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Credit report software with Internet or modem Access


gets credit reports quickly, easily, and reliably for business, financial, and  governmental purposes.

CREDITbase is a Windows program, so getting a credit report can be as simple as this...
  • Click New Inquiry
  • Enter name, Social Security number, street address and zip.
  • Click Send.

Printing is automatic.  Customizable templates eliminate repetitive input. City and state input is automatic. A single inquiry can be sent to multiple bureaus. 

Do you need more details? Download the CREDITbase III credit report software brochure.

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Creditbase III
Upgrade from Ver. 2.x

In California (only) add sales tax 8.25%. Shipping is $7.50 Standard, 23.50 overnight. You must have a credit bureau account with Experian, Equifax, and/or Trans Union.

to order.




CREDITbase III gives you access to the  following credit bureau products, with the   logon codes assigned to your company by your credit bureau. 

Experian Net Connect

Experian Options

Trans Union Net Access (TUNA)

Trans Union Options

Equifax Internet STS Connectivity

Equifax Options